Switzerland: A parasite feeding on developing world?


June 16, 2009

By Lord Aikins Adusei (Modern Ghana)

For more than half a century the Alpine nation of Switzerland has built a reputation as the world´s centre for tax evasion, fraud accounting, money laundering, racketeering, and above all a staunch ally of corrupt third world leaders and a great beneficiary of third world corruption.

Various categories of persons including Popes, presidents, prime ministers, corrupt dictators, wealthy business men, and drug dealers have all used and benefited from the banking secrecy laws of Switzerland. As a result her economy has been described as an underground economy, a deposit box for dirty money and a “dirt-driven economy”.

Over the last couple of years countries such as United States, Germany and France have argued that they have become victims of Swiss illegal financial activities and as result have stepped up their campaign to get Swiss authorities to cooperate in fighting tax evasion and money laundering. The campaign has even brought a row between the German Finance Minister and members of Swiss parliament. These nations claim they are loosing billions of dollars annually through tax evasion and other illegal financial activities. In 2009 an action by the US Justice Department against the Swiss Banking giant UBS earned the United States close to $1 billion. In 2001, the United States learned that the Swiss had protected the bank that handled finances for Osama Bin Laden. One of them, the Bahrain International Bank, had funds transiting through non-published accounts of Clearstream, which has been qualified as a “bank of banks” and was involved in one of Luxembourg’s major financial scandals.

Western governments have argued that dirty money in many forms welcomed by the Switzerland allows the proceeds of corruption, drug trafficking, racketeering and terrorism to tag alongside and deny the world´s poor the chance to escape poverty. Swiss banks are reputed to be holding an estimated 35% of the world’s private and institutional funds (or 3 trillion Swiss francs)”.

However, of all the victims of Swiss banking secrecy laws and her shady banking practices, developing countries and Africa in particular seem to have suffered the most. The global infrastructure of international financial secrecy with headquarters in Switzerland has helped bleed trillions of dollars in illicitly generated money out of Africa and the rest of the developing world. The activities of Swiss banking institutions and real estate companies have plunged third world nations into debts, poverty, misery, malnutrition, diseases, economic meltdown, infrastructure decay and political instabilities through the help they give to corrupt politicians, civil servants, the business elite and corrupt multinational corporations who collude and connive with the corrupt entities to loot and hide the proceeds of their ill-gotton gains.

Many third world countries especially those in Africa lack the infrastructures needed to run successful economies. They lack schools, hospitals, roads, harbours, rail infrastructure, irrigation facilities, electricity, clean water, telecommunication, sanitation facilities because of the loots. Many children are orphaned and malnourished and many do not have access to education and healthcare because money meant for all that are stolen and are sitting in Swiss banks such UBS, Credit Suisse. There has not been a single corrupt politician or dictator in Africa, Latin America and Asia who has not had dealings with this secretive alpine country. While third world countries continue to struggle to provide the basic necessities of life Swiss economy is washed with money that could save millions from hunger, starvation and diseases.

Every year since the year 2000 developing countries receive about $100-billion in aid annually from rich countries with about $10-billion going to Africa but these rich countries headed by Switzerland receive about $900- billion from these poor countries ($150-billion from Africa) in the form of tax evasion, embezzlement, fraud accounting, debt servicing and corruption. The World Bank´s Stolen Asset Recovery initiative estimates the cross-border flow of proceeds from criminal activities, corruption and tax evasion at between $1 trillion and $1.6 trillion per year, about half of which come from developing and transitional economies.

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Police caught on tape trying to recruit protester as spy

By Paul Lewis~London Guardian

Undercover police are running a network of hundreds of informants inside protest organisations who secretly feed them intelligence in return for cash, according to evidence handed to the Guardian.

They claim to have infiltrated a number of environmental groups and said they are receiving information about leaders, tactics and plans of future demonstrations.

The dramatic disclosures are revealed in almost three hours of secretly recorded discussions between covert officers claiming to be from Strathclyde police, and an activist from the protest group Plane Stupid, whom the officers attempted to recruit as a paid spy after she had been released on bail following a demonstration at Aberdeen airport last month.

Matilda Gifford, 24, said she recorded the meetings in an attempt to expose how police seek to disrupt the legitimate activities of climate change activists. She met the officers twice; they said they were a detective constable and his assistant. During the taped discussions, the officers:

• Indicate that she could receive tens of thousands of pounds to pay off her student loans in return for information about individuals within Plane Stupid.

• Say they will not pay money direct into her bank account because that would leave an audit trail that would leave her compromised. They said the money would be tax-free, and added: “UK plc can afford more than 20 quid.”

• Accept that she is a legitimate protester, but warn her that her activity could mean she will struggle to find employment in the future and result in a criminal record.

• Claim they have hundreds of informants feeding them information from protest organisations and “big groupings” from across the political spectrum.

• Explain that spying could assist her if she was arrested. “People would sell their soul to the devil,” an officer said.

• Warn her that she could be jailed alongside “hard, evil” people if she received a custodial sentence.

The meetings took place in a Glasgow police station last month and in a supermarket cafe on Tuesday. Gifford used a mobile phone and device sewn into her waistcoat to record what they described as a “business proposal” that she should think of as a job.

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Sadiq Khan says US foreign policy on Pakistan is damaging Britain

By Jamie Doward and Rajeev Syal

Young Pakistanis ‘blame UK for drone deaths’

Sadiq Khan, MP for Tooting, on the Andrew Marr Show on February 3 2008. Photograph: Jeff Overs/BBC/PA Wire

Sadiq Khan: claims the UK must distance itself from American foreign policy. Photograph: Jeff Overs/BBC/PA Wire

The UK must distance itself from American foreign policy if Pakistani youths are to be prevented from growing up hating Britain, according to the government’s social cohesion minister.

The comments by Sadiq Khan, who has just returned from a fact-finding trip to Pakistan, follow the arrests of 12 men – 10 of whom were Pakistani nationals – in the north-west of England last week on suspicion of planning a terror attack. They are likely to be given short shrift from Number 10, which has been keen to ally itself to the Obama administration. Earlier this month Gordon Brown stressed the two allies were united in their fight against terrorism in Pakistan.

But Khan, London’s first Muslim MP, said the UK must differentiate itself from the US after attending meetings at universities in Pakistan. “I listened to the anger and pain over the challenges that young people growing up in Pakistan face, including the anger and frustration over US drone attacks,” he said.

The attacks by unmanned US drones have provoked fury in Pakistan, where scores of militants have been killed in the country’s remote border regions, along with innocent civilians.

“The anger and frustration at the drone attacks was huge,” Khan said. “The view they [the students] had was that the UK was somehow responsible for this. They haven’t understood this was purely a US matter. They lumped us together with the US, which to me is a poison. It demonstrates to me we have a big problem.”

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G-20 European Summit Could Trigger ‘Summer of Rage’

By Victor Thorn

“A tsunami of dissent is coming, and it is not clear what will remain and what will be remade.” These are the words of UK journalist Micah White, and fear is now starting to build in Europe that a “summer of rage” may sweep across the continent.

Torcuil Crichton of The Herald described how fliers proclaiming “Storm the Banks” were posted on the Internet, making security personnel in Docklands (outside London) jittery as world leaders arrived for the G-20 Summit. Another site said “G-20 ministers are trying to get away with the biggest April Fool’s trick of all time. Their tax-dodging, bonus-guzzling, unregulated free market world is in meltdown, and these fools think we’re going to bail them out. They’ve got to be joking!”

Tension is high in Europe and the United Kingdom. Similar to the U.S., unemployment is rising, the economy is sluggish, homes are being foreclosed, middle-class taxpayers are furious about billionaire banks being bailed out, illegal foreign workers aren’t regulated by the government, while a credit crisis continues to put the pinch on small business.

As a result, protests are springing up in every direction. Greek solidarity workers blocked roads because agricultural prices are falling. Over a million French citizens took to the streets in an attempt to protect their jobs, while 120,000 in Dublin showed their displeasure with the way economic matters are being handled.

The  situation is even more extreme in Latvia, where they actually brought about the collapse of their government; whereas demonstrators in Reykjavik, Iceland openly clashed with police, also toppling their government.

If the G-20 Summit is a launching pad for further violence, in the crosshairs will be international bankers and global corporations. Fueled by outrage over continued bailouts and bonuses, these companies are now viewed as “viable targets” for anarchists, anti-capitalists, and eco-terrorists. Added to this mix of “typical, known protesters” are everyday, middle-class citizens fed up with being ignored, manipulated, and exploited by out of- touch officials.

Orwell Prize-winning journalist and UK Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips summarizes how established political parties keep turning a blind eye to the concerns of their voters, especially in regard to nationalism.

“[These] parties not only refuse to address the issues that concern the public most deeply and emotionally, but also demonize those who express such anxieties as racists or fascists. In particular, they have colluded in a refusal to acknowledge that nationalism—or attachment to one’s own country and its values—is a perfectly respectable, even admirable, sentiment.”

She said that if one is rooted in a culture and identity of history, language, religion, and law, they’re vilified as xenophobic. The press is already targeting such English groups as the BNP (British National Party) and Combat 18 as being violent, far-right, fascist rabble-rousers. If mayhem does erupt during the “summer of rage,” will these nationalist organizations become scapegoats, similar to how militia groups were ostracized after the staged Oklahoma City Bombing? Will the love of country, race, the right to bear arms, and an anti-taxation stance all be seen as “negative impulses” while globalists push for a world of increased socialism?

As a gauge of England’s growing discontent, reform-minded politician Daniel Hannan has become the poster-boy of protest. After Prime Minister Gordon Brown addressed the European Parliament and asked for the largest stimulus in his nation’s history, Hannan of the Conservative Party challenged him face-to-face.

“The truth, prime minister, is that you have run out of our money. . . . You cannot carry on forever squeezing the productive bit of the economy in order to find an unprecedented engorgement of the unproductive bit. . . . You cannot spend your way out of recession or borrow your way out of debt. . . . I have to tell you that you sound like a Brezhnev-era apparatchik. . . . You are the devalued prime minister of a devalued government.”

Concerned citizens in America are now starting to ask: when will we get a public official like Daniel Hannan to stand up directly to Barack Obama and ask these very same questions?

UK “Green Advsior” Says Population Must Fall to 30 Million

Jonathan Leake
Times Online
March 23, 2009

Editor’s note: Mr. Porritt may set an example by removing himself from the planet immediately.

JONATHON PORRITT, one of Gordon Brown’s leading green advisers, is to warn that Britain must drastically reduce its population if it is to build a sustainable society.

Porritt’s call will come at this week’s annual conference of the Optimum Population Trust (OPT), of which he is patron.

The trust will release research suggesting UK population must be cut to 30m if the country wants to feed itself sustainably.

Porritt said: “Population growth, plus economic growth, is putting the world under terrible pressure.

“Each person in Britain has far more impact on the environment than those in developing countries so cutting our population is one way to reduce that impact.”

Population growth is one of the most politically sensitive environmental problems. The issues it raises, including religion, culture and immigration policy, have proved too toxic for most green groups.

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