RANT: Do people UNDERSTAND what is going on? WTF???

WTF??? Is this not the largest economic crisis ever? Should we all be losing our heads over this? Do people even UNDERSTAND how huge this is? Obviously not 😦

I just got off the phone with my parent. I explained to her how America is losing tax reciepts up to the tune of 54 BILLION in the past 30 days. That means no schools, police, fire, bridges or anything else we pay for. No more pensions, retirement, savings or investments. The only thing that will be worth anything over the next 9-12 months are staples like bread, metals, guns & ammo, fresh water, and other foods.

My parent is more worried about whether or not a casino will move into her area to drive up the value of her condo.

WTF??? Casino? Our financial system is a casino, except the elites have 5 Aces and your stuck with Jokers.

Is it that people just do not understand the scope of the crisis?
Do they believe we this will turn around in a few weeks? (Cause it will NOT!)
Do they understand how our economy works? (If nobody is buying goods, then nobody has a job)
Do they understand that these statistics seem unimportant now, but will be in the next 6 months?
Do they realize that the millions of lost jobs ARE NOT COMING BACK????
Do they understand the implications of letting the govermnent say “too big to fail“? Do they really know what that means?

The biggest questions is, do they even care?


How To Survive Despite the Economy!

By Susan Hinds

Are you worried about their ability to move ahead when you are constantly bombarded with information about how bad things are? Every time you listen to the television or radio there is more news of job cuts and it seems like the media is trying to scare us to death. The present state of the economy offers you an opportunity to look at your life and make the decision to give up or to try a new approach. Here are 7 tips to make sure that you move ahead and make the coming years your best ever.

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