A few thoughts on the US, North Korea & South Korea

Here at FactsNews we are and have been very troubled by the recent spark of events taking place in North & South Korea. I don’t know if you call this plain ‘ole instinct, but something seemed very fishy about the sudden suicide of the South Korean President, followed by rumors of war with N.Korea. 
Its no surprise to us in America that when someone knows too much or has stepped on a few important toes they all of a sudden commit suicide or happen to be assassinated. Throughout history we have seen our great leaders killed right before our eyes, instilling fear that in turns results in obedience (doing what the government tells us to do). Its time that people start to use logic and begin to connect the dots before we are further misled and eventually enslaved.

Yes I said it! 

We must ask questions and think twice about the topics and issues being brought up by our government sponsored media. They are not trying to keep you informed, they are trying to convince you that what the US is doing is right and IT IS NOT.

We must be cognizant of the fact that everything is not what it seems….

And remember that history always repeats itself (and its not a coincidence)….

The following is a line from a LA Times article written in 1968
Link: http://pqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/521001152.html?dids=521001152:521001152&FMT=ABS&FMTS=CITE:AI&type=historic&date=Jan+29,+1968&author=&pub=Los+Angeles+Times&desc=N.+Korea+Told+U.N.+of+U.S.+’Provocations’ 

N. Korea Told U.N. of U.S. ‘Provocations’
Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File) – Los Angeles, Calif.
Date: Jan 29, 1968
Start Page: 9
Pages: 1
Section: PART ONE
Text Word Count: 593

The government of North Korea warned in an official memorandum last Oct. 18

that the United States was seeking to provoke a new war in Korea and that such

a war would threaten not only the peace of Asia…

NKorea Warns Again of Conflict on Korean Peninsula

Reposted from AP

North Korea accused the U.S. military of making provocative moves along the tense border on the divided Korean peninsula, warning Saturday of ”unpredictable military conflicts.”

The rare threat came as North Korea was apparently gearing up to test-fire a long-range missile believed capable of reaching U.S. territory. Pyongyang has also stepped up its war of rhetoric against the South over Seoul’s tough stance toward its communist neighbor.

North Korea’s military said U.S. troops advanced as close as 100 feet (30 meters) from the Military Demarcation Line in the western border and took pictures of a North Korean military post last month. It also said more than 60 U.S. patrols approached to within 330 feet (100 meters) of the boundary this year.

The U.S. provocations ”at a time when the North-South relations are inching close to the brink of a war may touch off unpredictable military conflicts,” the North’s military said in a message sent to the South, according to the North’s official Korean Central News Agency.

”If the U.S. forces keep behaving arrogantly … the (North’s military) will take a resolute counteraction.” It did not elaborate.

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