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March 22, 2009
FactsNews Exclusive

1)The patriot act that was signed into law was NOT written by congress, but by George Bush, Dick Cheny and Richard Ashcroft….the bill was SWITCHED the night before the Senate Voted on it and not a single member of congress was allowed or able to read read it before the vote.

2) Sanctions put on Iraq since 1993 have killed over half a million people EVERY YEAR because of lack of food and medical suppies.

3) Depleted Urainum from bombs we dropped in Iraq have raised Cancer rates in children under 12 over 1000% since 2003

4) The Government gave AIG your tax dollars to insure off shore banks their BAD investments to the tune of 8.5 TRILLION dollars. Bottom line the money that you work hard for was taken from you and given forigen investors that money will never be returned the money is gone from our economy thats why the stock market has crashed so bad. there is no capital to back it up

5) This depression was manufactured for the benifet of groups such as the CFR, Trilateral commision & Bilderberg group.

6) Obamas biggest Campaign contributer was the BUSH’S through one of their oil company

7) Main Stream media is controlled by the CFR

8) Bin ladin is essentaily a CIA agent and when the government needs a distraction or “Event” they use him and then inturn push their policy because of the even. this is called Problem-Reaction-Solution….they cause the problem then wait for the reaction from the people then give the solution to the problem they created

9) The wheels are turning ever quicker to a new world order and the end of the USA

And I can go on & on & on…….

See, when people look at the news in little piece’s it’s like the jigsaw puzzle, but when people like me put two & two, Together The “Agenda” Is all to clean….As for the Depression in 29 The Rockefellers, Rothschild’s & Morgan’s Flooded the economy with money to the people during the Roaring 20 then, Called in all the loans that they had put out during the previous decade people that had “Spent WAY more then they had” the market crashed. Does that sound familiar?

What were they able to install then? The FED!!!! After That, the robber barons were in control.

This is all a repeat of that depression….whats to come this time???? A ONE WORLD BANK AN CURRENCY !!!!!

You don’t have to believe me, but just remember the time you read this post along with the 1st time you buy a coke with an Amero.



Third Paragraph, Starts with “Shapiro spoke”

Source “New York Times Online”


Whole Article

Source “New York Times Online”

(Your Just a sick Bastard if you like the death of innocent little children)


Whole Article

Source: “Red Orbit.com”


“Whole Article”

Source ” New York Times”

The Suspect contribute was the Bush Family

5) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logan_Act

Whole Article

The Bilderberg Group is important because it is TREASON according to the Logan Act for US elected officials to meet with foreign Leaders with out the consent of The President. So men like George Pataki Gov of NY meet with Gordon Brown Prime Minster of England AT Bilderberg he should be punished for treason because the potential “Conflict of Interest” & “Espionage”.


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