FactsNews – Obama’s Healthcare Plan – A total sham!

images456It has been known for quite some time that Republicans are agaisnt pretty much anything a Democrat has to offer. This is bogus left-right bickering, however I agree with Republicans/Conservatives on this Healthcare Issue. The bill is another complete legislative disaster written by a few lobbyists that takes control away from the people and gives it to Big Brother.

If you visit http://www.yahoo.com this morning, you will find the headline “Obama wrangles with own party over Healthcare“. Why is that important? This means that BOTH parties, Democrats and Republicans are agaisnt Obama’s disasterous Healthcare expansion/reduction bill. How is our democratically elected leader trying to get away with passing a huge healthcare bill that will affect ALL Americans living here and abroad, without the support of EITHER PARTY? At least Bush had the Republicons supporting his tyrranical expansion of surveliance and suppression of rights.

Obama has 0 support for this bill (that we & Congress barely had a chance to read), and it sounds like he is going to get his way… Why doesn’t Obama just abolish Congress and become dictator already, geez. He is already making signing statements that once again his own party disagrees with in regards to foreign aid. Change, meaning “I can do whatever the hell I want cause I got the vote”. Bush cheated in the 2000 & 2004 elections, there is no guarantee that Obama didn’t.


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  1. It sounds like we may be on opposite ends of the political spectrum but at least we agree on this; the passage of this health care bill will be a disaster. Voters on both sides of the spectrum need to be burning up the lines to their representatives letting them know that passing this thing is going to hurt them come election time.

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