Upon the official release of the bank stress test…

Corporate Media is trying to do what ever it can to convince the American
public that another bailout is “necessary” to keep the big banks afloat.
The truth is plain and simple. The banks are on the brink of insolvency
and the Obama Adminstration is working side by side with the media to
convince Americans otherwise. The media is trying to “calm the storm”
by telling Americans that the financial crisis is over and it is now safe
to invest your money in stock. This my friends IS A LIE. What the Obama
Administration and the bankers are currently doing, is trying to inflate the
bubble again by convincing Americans that there investments are safe and literrally
pulling the carpet from under them when the big bankers are ready to cash out.

I encourage readers to watch the movie Argentina look closely at how their economy
and soon their country was taken over leaving the people with nothing.


> Stress tests show top US banks need $74.6 bln capital        [ID:nN07333426]
> US stress tests show 10 banks need $74.6 bln                 [ID:nTRU000380]
> US bank stocks rally ahead of stress test results            [ID:nN07333426]
> Fed's Bernanke says all stress test banks are solvent        [ID:nN07354653]
> US banks need total extra capital of about $130 bln - Goldman[ID:nBNG477894]
> US banks will need more capital than government estimate-KBW [ID:nBNG455747]
> US's Geithner says no stress test banks insolvent            [ID:nN06300175]
> US government outlines stress test capital targets           [ID:nN06636128]
> FDIC's Bair says US bank tests will instill confidence       [ID:nN06401896]
> Many stress test banks won't need more US help - Bernanke    [ID:nN05459483]
> US looks to tangible common equity in stress tests             [ID:nN22746]
> US seen staying involved with Wells Fargo for some time      [ID:nN07401765]
> Reality to bite US bank bonds after test euphoria           [ID:nN07385077]
> Citigroup OK for now, may still face trouble                 [ID:nN06296308]
> US bank tests may strain faith in corporate bonds           [ID:nN23632553]
> US officials walk bank stress test tightrope                [ID:nN22535525]
> Summary of US stress-tested banks' capital needs            [ID:nN06296381]
> Q&A What's at stake in US bank stress tests                  [ID:nN05482651]
> US banks and their stress tests                                [ID:nWEN8383]
> How ready are banks for the stress test ?                    [ID:nN23327632]
> SCENARIOS-After stress tests, what next for US banks         [ID:nN20414138]
> Terms of stress tests for top 19 US banks                    [ID:nN16382719]
> Where has all the US bailout money gone ?                     [ID:nN0289041]



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