F*** The RIAA! No Seriously…

This morning, the number one story on Digg is “The Pirate Bay Trial: The Official Verdict – Guilty”. 

Excerpt from TorrentFreak.com

Just minutes ago the verdict in the case of The Pirate Bay Four was announced. All four defendants were accused of ‘assisting in making copyright content available’. Peter Sunde: Guilty. Fredrik Neij: Guilty. Gottfrid Svartholm: Guilty. Carl Lundström: Guilty. The four receive 1 year in jail each and fines totaling $3,620,000. 

The court has found that by using Pirate Bay’s services there has been file-sharing of music, films and computer games to the extent the prosecutor has stated in his case,”said the district court. “This file-sharing constitutes an unlawful transfer to the public of copyrighted performances.”

Seriously, WTF? A group of very intelligent and talented individuals spent weeks fighting the case. Even though this cause has millions of supporters (even holding public demonstrations around the world!) the big companies won, in a Swedish court. 

Read that again, American big corporations overruled Swedish law. The Pirate Bay was operating legally in its own country, but despite that, were all given jailtime. 

For me, and most others, the issue comes down to this. The public found a way to distribute material on their own using a legal fire sharing technique called torrent files. These are used to send large files, uncopyrighted files too, to anyone on the net very efficienty. The big companies could not figure out a way around this. Instead of revamping their business model (like iTunes), they instead take out the innocent to safeguared their power and fortunes.

Welcome to world governorship by the corporations.


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