NIST Report on WTC7 debunked and exposed!

NIST Report on WTC7 debunked and exposed!

9/11 Truth responds to NIST with HARD FACTS & Evidence!


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  1. Hard facts and evidence. I refuse to be like a sheep and follow the flock mentality that the WTC was planned by the government. So the suicide bombers and IED’s in iraq and afghanistan that injure and kill our soldiers and marines are all planned by the government too right? The only reason I dis-like the Bush Administration is because they made Americans more paranoid as ever and the war and invasions were all done out of FEAR without a clearly defined goal. Now this leaves us confused to 1. when is the mission complete in iraq and 2. when is the mission in afghanistan complete. We really need to ask ourselves a serious question – is capturing Osama Bin Laden going to stop these terrorists attacks or is the US government just using Bin Laden as a guinea pig to make the American people feel like they found their terrorist.

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