Obama spending money we don’t have

Letter to the Editor from Tom Lottinville

Barack Obama was not my choice for president but when he won the 2008 election I was willing to give him a chance to demonstrate that he would institute real change, transparency, and honesty in government.

In his promotion of the “Economic Stimulus Bill” he has failed to honor those promises.The promised change has not come. Congress spent us into our sorry economic condition. Now they think more spending will get us out. More of the same is not change.

The dire state of our current economic situation is primarily the result of irresponsible Congressional spending, poor tax policies and governmental meddling in private enterprise. It was not, as some contend, caused by over deregulation. Walter Williams, a professor of economics, points out, in his article, “Congress’ Financial Mess”, that the number of regulatory pages rose to a record high of 75,726 during the G.W. Bush years. The Clinton administration put pressure on Fannie Mae to expand mortgage loans to potential borrowers who could not qualify for the loans. (Also sited in Williams’ article “Congress’ Financial Mess”)

President Obama promised transparency and honesty yet the “Economic Stimulus Bill” has not been made available to the tax payers even though the polls indicate the majority of us are opposed to the bill’s passage. How many legislators have actually read the bill? He also promised “no earmarks” but the bill is loaded with non-germane amendments. Pork is pork. It doesn’t matter if pork is accomplished through earmarks or amendments, it is still pork. The president said he had kept his promise. Maybe so, technically, but it sure looks deceptive to me.

Full Letter to the Editor of Tulsa Beacon


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  1. I’m not surprise by the last couple spending sprees and un-finished business behind door meetings that have been going on with this administration. Obama says he’s working for the people yet he wants to place higher taxes on the rich ?.@# but aren’t the rich people too? What their doing more than ever is creating this us/them system and politicians know exactly how to use this to their advantage. So when he says yes i’m going to raise taxes on the rich the middle class and lower classes get excited but they fail to realize that that is only making their strive for financial independence an illusion and creating a higher dependence on the government.

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