Please spread the word about bill HR 875!

This bill was introduced to the 111th Congress on Feb. 4th, 2009 ( and its main purpose to Nationalize food production in the US. This bill will also consolidate our current Food and Drug Administration along with other Food regulation agencies. This bill is very important to read because of the language which is used throughout. It almost sounds like the beginning stages of a new socialist government. Sec 201 states: (1) develop, administer, and annually update a national food safety program (referred to in this section as the ‘program’) to protect public health; and 
(2) ensure that persons who produce, process, or distribute food meet their responsibility to prevent or minimize food safety hazards related to their products. 

Did you read that ?!?! Their instituting that it be referred to as “The Program”? This is very scary. 
As I read further into the bill, I also noticed that in Sec 201 part c (4) establish and enforce science-based standards for– 
(A) potentially hazardous substances that may contaminate food; and 
(B) safety and sanitation in the processing and handling of food; 

This bill is a death trap for Americans and way for the government to control the food supply and potentially start a major food shortage. 
For additional information on how you can take action visit….. 

Keeping you informed, 


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