America’s Top Model contestant speaks the truth about FDR and World War 2!

On tonights America’s Top Model 12 Season Premier, one of the girls started speaking the truth and was labeled a “conspiracy theorist” by Tyra.

One of the contestants, Monique(21), began talking to the other girls about the secret familes that run the globe, mentioning the Rockerfeller and other familes. Later, while walking for the three judges, Tyra says “so I hear your a (air quotes) conspiracy theorist”, and she responds with a true statement regarding FDR and Pearl Harbor. FDR lured the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor to get the US into WW2. During her interview, she states “people only get like 5% of the news from corporate media, they don’t know the truth”. This girl managed to get out this information on national television (CW) during a season premier. Stay tuned, this girl may have a few more chances to tell the truth!



EDIT: 8:42PM 

Guess who was cut from the show? 12 girls were cut from the group and Monique the “conspiracy theorist” was one of them. Figures, I guess the CW had to shut her up before she revealed anything else about this currupt goverment. We feel you Monique and thank you for your efforts! You looked great!


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